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AG5 is a new generation of ground support products based on AG4 system, which is mainly applicable to the installation of large-scale photovoltaic power stations in China. This product also is a highly pre-installed, applicable to the wind and snow resistance demand higher installation area, and on the left and right and up and down direction before and after the adjustment to the whole system, greatly reduces the requirement for installation accuracy. The professional structure design can effectively improve the aging of the installation and greatly reduce the installation cost.


Technical Parameters

Installation Site: Ground Wind Load: 60m/s
Foundation: Ground Screw/Concrete base Snow Load: 106KN/M²
Tilt Angle: 5~60º Ground Clearance: 500~2000mm
Applicable Module: Framed or Frameless Module Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
Material: Aluminum AL6005-T5 Color: Silver or Customized
Fastener: Stainless Steel SUS304 Warranty: 10 Years
Spare Parts: Al6005-t5    


Main Parts

1.End Clamp Kit                            2.C Clamp Kit                          3. U27 Inner Clamp



4.Pre-Assembled Support                  5.85 Rail                              6.Splice for 85 Rail

7.Back Side Support                          8.T Type Corrugated Surface Base      




Installation Guide 

1.Follow the plan icon location
2.Install U Anchor Plate Kit and T Type Corrugated Surface Base 
3.Lock the Front /back column of Pre-Assembled Support  




4.Install 85 Rail
5.Lock solar panels with U27 Inner Clamp and End Clamp Kit



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