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Aluminum Extrusion Workshop
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Maywon's Aluminum Extrusion Factory and Workshop
Extrusion Lines :8 lines (2 for 660T pressure , 4 for 800T pressure,2 for 1350T pressure)
Anodization Line: 2 lines
Electrical- coating Line : 1 line
Spray Line :1 line
Capacity :1500T for aluminum extrusions per month.
The factory is one of the comprehensive aluminum factories, capable of melting ,casting, extruding, anodizing,electrical-coating and spraying treatment , and we are occupies over 53,000 sq.m and there are more than 200 workers including 20 technicians .We specific on the R&D for aluminum extrusion mold and also on the production of solar frames, solar mounting system and industrial extrusions by the annual production capacity as 18,000 tons.

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