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Jan. 2011 Maywon PV Co.,Ltd was established in Jiangyin,Jiangsu,China.
Mar.2011 Maywon started to offer specialized solar panel frames to American company ZEP Solar.
May. 2011 Maywon started exporting sizable numbers of solar panel frames to USA.
Jun. 2011 Maywon exported the first sets of brackets to Middle-East area.
Feb. 2012 Maywon developed new bracket products and exported to Japan.
Jun. 2012 Maywon achieved partner relationship with Jiangyin Port International Logistics Co.,Ltd.
Jen. 2013 Maywon started to offer new roof mouting systems for Japan customers.
Jul. 2013 Maywon started to be the qualified solar panel frame supplier of a famous PV module manufacture located in Europe.
Aug. 2013 Maywon achieved partner relationship with a famous finance company of Japan.
Sep.2013 Maywon achieved partner relationshi with a famous EPC company of Japan.
Sep. 2013 Maywon successfully shipped over 5MW solar panels to Japan as an agent of a famous solar panel brand.
Oct.2013 Maywon built the sales network in Kanto,Chubu &Shikoku area of Japan.
Dec.2013 Maywon created the first overseas subsidiary in Japan-ASP K.K.
Jan. 2014 Maywon established office in Chubu area of Japan and offered the logistics support system.
May. 2014 Maywon became the agent of Suncome (a famous listed company of Jiangsu) to develop the solar panel business in Japan market.
May. 2014 Maywon designed application products for a well-known system integrated company in Japan.

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