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The 16th Thailand Renewable Energy Exhibition
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From September 23 to 26, 2020, Maywon participated in the 16th Bangkok renewable energy exhibition. This renewable energy exhibition is one of the most influential exhibitions in Thailand and even Southeast Asia, with Thailand as the focus and platform to gather partners in the field of energy technology. As a part of the exhibition, Maywon will meet with thousands of representatives from ASEAN countries and all over the world to share information and discuss the challenges of energy and the wider application of technology
The following are part of the products displayed by Maywon Technology at the Expo:

SG6 II Claw Mounting System

Maywon-SunDepot’s SG6 II Claw Mounting System use the new material ZAM, the strength is higher and corrosion resistance is stronger than SG6 I is designed for rough lands like agricultural land,mountain land, hills and slopes. Superior to traditional solution , it’s environment friendly no need to flat land preparation and the lager mechanical machine.


Maywon-Sundepot’s Standing Seam series is designed to directly fixed to the some special metal sheet roofs.It’s easy and convenient to install without drilling.
In Thailand, the energy industry is strongly encouraged and supported by the government. ASEAN region provides great opportunities for the use of renewable energy, and member states are paying more and more attention to renewable energy projects to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. Renewable energy systems and fuels help ensure a more sustainable and environmentally friendly supply of electricity. They are also more economical. We believe that through this exhibition, the solar installation structure provided by Maywon Technology company can better promote the vigorous development of Thailand's solar energy industry.

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